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CEO & Co-Founder


Dominique’s first business was a vegetable stand in her front lawn where she would sell veggies grown from her family’s garden. And if there offerings were slim, she would “borrow” vegetables from the refrigerator of her mother’s catering business to increase her inventory. The ladies of the neighborhood loved the deals they could get.

Today, Dominique is the proud owner of two businesses: Corporate Community Outsourcing, a consulting firm she founded to help corporations and nonprofits maximize their community impact, and the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Dominique’s Festival responsibilities include directing the overall programming, marketing, communications and sponsorship activities. A Colorado girl with deep Mississippi roots, Dominique delights in entertaining friends and family with memorable dinners (“Come hungry. Come casual.” is her motto), keeping up with her energetic husband, Mike Greto, and being a mother to a seven-year-old son.