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May 13, 2013

Learn the secrets behind the Blackberry Farm Wine Cellar from Food and Beverage Director Andy Chabot!


Blackberry Farm sat down with Food and Beverage Director Andy Chabot to find out a few secrets and tidbits about the wine cellar at Blackberry!  Here is what we discovered:

 1.  A lot or a little? We have more than 350 selections of half-bottles from great producers.  It’s perfect for couples wanting to pair different selections with one meal or someone wanting a glass or two.  On the other end of the spectrum we have more than 1,000 magnum selections.  

2.  We display our wines with the most elegant decanters around! Inspired by Martine Saunier, when I first purchased our Ercuis decanters, colleagues gave me flack for their feminine style, but now they’re our most complimented pieces.

Want more secrets? Find out more here… 

April 22, 2013

School Is In For Summer

Our 100+ classes cover just about anything epicurean you can imagine. A small sampling:

Stella + Art
Art Smith (IL/FL) & Marc Stroobandt (GA) with Timothy Magee (GA)
Stella and Art sitting in a kitchen, p-a-i-r-i-n-g. First comes food, then comes brew, then comes amazing pairings all for you. During this cooking demonstration and tasting seminar, award-winning chef and master brewer will join forces to create surprising beer and food pairings. The end result … a marriage of soul-filling, simple dishes and refreshing, crisp flavors. We’ll drink – and eat – to that!
tastingtentsCoastal Merroir
Mike Lata (SC) with Clammer Dave Belanger (SC)
We’ve embraced the notion that land influences the characteristics of the foods and wines produced on it through the concept of “terroir.” But oyster farmers across the South are using their own version of terroir with the “merroir” concept. During this tasting seminar, a seafood-loving chef and a popular clam farmer will lead guests on a tasty and informative exploration of the “merroir” of Charleston’s barrier islands, showcasing how Clammer Dave’s sought-after oysters are sustainably grown and harvested using the centuries-old, “cull-in-place” method. The world is our oyster!
Vini Vidi Spumante
Brett Davis, MS (KY)
We came. We saw. We sparkled. While most wine drinkers think lush, robust reds when they hear “Italian wind,” only the savviest consumers know that Italy actually produces more kinds of spearkling wines than any other country in the world. From light, off-dry Proseccos to classic Franciacortas, Italian spumantes are varied, tasty and quite affordable. During this tasting seminar, participants will explore the flavor ranges of Italian sparklers from Asti to Lambrusco and Moscato. Cin Cin!!
The Brothers Grill
Kevin Rathbun (GA) & Kent Rathbun (TX)
There are no tall tales here. Only raw meat, a sizzling flame and two brothers who can grill like no other. During this grilling demonstration, participants will learn the tips, tricks and flavors for which grilling fairy tales are inspired.
Liberate Your Lettuce
Edward Lee (KY), moderated by Christine Quinlan, FOOD & WINE
It’s time to liberate your lettuce from the salad bowl! With Romaine, Bibb, Radicchio, Mizuna, Purslane and Iceberg, maximizing spring and summer’s bounty will be a treat. During this cooking demonstration, participants will learn how to draw out the lettuces’ complex flavors through different “cooking” methods like pickling, searing, stir fry and more. BOOK SIGNING: Chef Lee will be signing copies of his cookbook, Smoke and Pickles, in the book sighing area in the conference floor lobby after this class.
Our classes take place on Friday, May 31, Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2. To learn more about our offerings, view the schedule.
Ready to sign up? Tickets to our traditional and Connoisseur day passes include learning experiences:
1-day pass, including 3 learning experiences:

3-day pass, including 9 learning experiences:

May 1, 2012

Explore Midtown Atlanta while you’re here for the Festival!

With Midtown as the backdrop for the 2012 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, there are great opportunities to enjoy the neighborhood’s unique offerings. After you’ve tasted and sipped some of the best dishes and cocktails in the Southeast, discover some of Midtown’s best cultural sights and events as well. Here’s a list of some exciting Midtown events taking place while you’re visiting:


Ghost Brothers of Darkland County at The Alliance Theatre (closes May 13th)

  • Based on a Stephen King novel, Ghost Brothers is a haunting new musical featuring music and lyrics by famed musician John Mellencamp. Ghost Brothers is filled with mystery and tragedy and a must-see while visiting Midtown.

Smell the flowers at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

  • An Atlanta staple for over 35 years, the Atlanta Botanical Garden offers unique plant displays, education for visitors and weekly events. Be sure to stop and smell the roses in the beautiful Rose Garden.

Rhapsody in Blue and World Premiere at Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (May 10th – 12th)

  • Pianist Leon Bates performs Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s Music Director, Robert Spano, conducts the world premiere of Different Rivers by Alvin Singleton.

KAWS: Down Time exhibit at the High Museum of Art

  • Organized exclusively for the High Museum, Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly showcases his largest exhibition to date. The exhibit features bright colors, pop art and a collection of his drawings.

Live jazz at Kat’s Café. (May 10th)

  • The folks at the Atlanta Jazz Festival have declared the month of May 31 Days of Jazz. On the 10th day, enjoy live jazz at Midtown’s Kat’s Café.

Tour the Margaret Mitchell House

  • See where author Margaret Mitchell once lived and wrote the Pulitzer- Prize winning book Gone With the Wind.


Enjoy your stay in Atlanta’s epicenter of work, play, culture, art, shopping and dining. For up to date information on Midtown events, visit Midtown Atlanta on Facebook and Twitter.