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April 26, 2012

Chef David Guas: PorKorn

This guest blog post was written by 2012 Advisory Council member Chef David Guas (Bayou Bakery). You can find Chef Guas in the ‘Technique Lab: Cast Iron Cooking’ on Friday and again on Saturday, along with a book signing and the Southern Cocktail Hour. For full details on each of his Atlanta Food & Wine Festival appearances, visit his profile.


One of my pet projects has been developing a little something I call ‘PorKorn.’ The pork is actually Allan Benton’s bacon, and the korn is popcorn, all held together by a bacon-y, salted caramel with just the slightest kick: everything this cook wants with a penchant for pure, natural ingredients. We keep the counter stocked with brown bags at Bayou Bakery – but never for long. 

Without giving away the secret recipe [patent pending…] I’ll just say it involves rendered bacon fat and home made bacon bits, hot sauce and cayenne, and brown sugar and butter. And Virginia peanuts, for texture. I don’t use any special ‘gourmet’ kind of popcorn, and I just use an air popper, which yields about ten times the amount I’d get from popping stove-top in a rondeau, like I do at home, in the same amount of time. In about half an hour, we get several industrial plastic bags-full. 

Hey – it’s not a trash bag until there’s trash in it.