Melissa Baker

Birmingham, AL Fenwick Brands

Melissa Baker is CEO and Founding Partner of Fenwick Brands, a consumer-focused equity investor headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. After a tenured 20-year operating career in the consumer packaged goods industry, Melissa saw an opportunity to bring operational excellence downstream to emerging brands with Founders at an inflection point. Fenwick’s investment thesis of expertise equity was born and is now backed by a team of industry veterans who have deep operating experience across diverse categories. As CEO of Fenwick, Melissa currently serves as the President of Moore’s Marinade & Wing Sauces and has an active Board role for their current investments in Powell & Mahoney and The Jackfruit Company. Prior to Fenwick, Melissa held CEO, COO, GM and Brand Management roles within entrepreneurial start-ups, private-equity backed and publicly-traded businesses. Irrespective of business size or market position, Melissa shepherded the growth of those brands, leading them to successful exits.


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