Mary Blackmon

Atlanta, GA Farm Star Living

Mary is a 4th generation farm owner from Arkansas, who left her hometown to pursue college and a career in advertising sales and marketing in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York City. She worked for publishing houses and internet companies (Wired, Walt Disney Internet Group, Vivendi-Universal Internet Group). In NYC in 2002, she founded, the first national discount site for the spa & wellness industry. She grew it into a multi-million dollar business and a leader in the industry, and attracted hundreds of thousands of women as well as sponsors including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, American Express, et al. In 2008, she learned most of her family farm bordering Ark/LA would be sold. Not wanting to lose the family heritage and farmland her family before her had so cherished, Mary, along with the support of her brother Douglas, was adamant to preserve and keep the remaining farmland. She moved back South, strapped on her 4th generation farmer title and traded in her spa robe for overalls. After several years and a new found passion for farming, Blackmon decided to marry her passions and bring the farm lifestyle to many who have never even stepped foot on one. Hence, Farm Star Living was born.