Greg Lantz

Charleston, SC
Cobble Hill

Greg Lantz is Partner and Director of Strategy at Cobble Hill, a digital marketing agency located in the culinary heartland that is Charleston, SC. Immersed in a foodie scene and surrounded by award-winning chefs, Cobble Hill provides branding, collateral, digital marketing and websites for several local and national restaurant, food and beverage clients, including Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, Caroline’s Cakes, Nutty Goodness, Blue Moon Specialty Foods, Cocktail Crate, Le Creuset, Farm Burger, Leon’s Oyster Shop and Monza.

An avid craft beer consumer, hardworking home cook and Google Analytics implementation expert, Greg has dedicated the past 13 years to the marketing industry. At Cobble Hill, he manages all digital marketing ad buys including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, and Programmatic Ad Buying. Clients include Jack Rudy Cocktail Co, Nature’s Path, Nourish + Bloom, Charleston Tourism, Marysia Swim, Lake Pajamas, WD40, and Kyocera.


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