Cheetie Kumar

Chef/Owner, Cheetie Kumar, grew up in India and was often found in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother learning about her culinary heritage. At the age of 8, she arrived in the US and settled in New York, immersing herself in new cultures, flavors, and food. As a self-taught cook, she studied recipes while pursuing a career as a guitarist in The Cherry Valence and more recently, Birds of Avalon, alongside her husband and business partner, Paul Siler. Time on tour and as the owner of Garland Restaurant, the music venue, Kings, and adjoining cocktail bar, Neptunes Parlour, taught her the value of the independent, artistic spirit that is the backbone of the downtown Raleigh community which she considers home. In 2017, Kumar became a semifinalist for James Beard Award’s “Best Chef: Southeast.”


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