Chris Lilly

Caleb Fischer

Caleb Fischer studied Culinary Management at The Art Institutes of America. After receiving his degree, Chef Fischer sought out experience from a variety of different restaurants and chefs. After establishing himself in the Auburn, Alabama community, Chef Fischer joined on as Chef de Cuisine at Acre, under David Bancroft. While Chef Fischer was at acre the restaurant received 3 James Beard nominations; Chef Fischer was also the recipient of the Alabama Chef of The Year award presented by The Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Alliance. After 3 years of service, David and Caleb are partnering together to open up Bow and Arrow. Bow and Arrow, will allow Chef Fischer to be able to draw on the memories of growing up with a family based primarily in Texas. Memories of family, gatherings around the table, and trips to the Giddings’ City Meat Market will all show greatly in this South Texas concept.


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