Chris Lilly

Christine Vrooman

Far from the cities, high on a mountain in Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Christine Vrooman and her family, including husband Dennis and son, Nathan, their winemaker, went out on a limb ten years ago and planted under two acres of pinot noir, a grape that had been considered impossible to successfully grow in Virginia’s heavy, clay soils and warm, humid climate. But they would discover that their cooler high elevation, sloping site and decomposing granite soils was in fact a perfect site for growing the fickle pinot noir grape. Their vineyard, at 1800 ft elevation, is graced with majestic views and is sustainably farmed. In spring 2017 they added four more acres of pinot noir, chardonnay and gamay.They have since become recognized for breaking barriers in east coast winegrowing and establishing themselves as a premier producer of Pinot Noir. Their wine was named by Wine Business Monthly as one of the “Top Ten Hot Brands 2017, the only wine in the country recognized outside the west coast.


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