Chris Lilly

Félix Meana

Félix Meana comes from Roses, a small coastal town in Catalunya, Spain. Roses was the location of Ferran Adria’s world-famous restaurant elBulli, where Felix worked as front of the house service manager for five years. Before elBulli, Félix worked in the Pyrenees, building his career from bartender to assistant director of restaurants at a ski resort. Félix wanted to learn more about fine dining and service, so he returned to his hometown and elBulli. That experience helped him create opportunities to work at other world-class restaurants such as La Terraza del Casino in Madrid with Chef Paco Roncero, or in Washington DC with José Andrés and ThinkFoodGroup, where he met and fell in love with Katie Button. Félix and Katie moved to Asheville and opened Cúrate and Nightbell with Katie’s family. He is now leading custom culinary tours of Spain, Cúrate the Trip, four times a year.


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