David Bancroft

Jael & Dan Rattigan

Partners in life and business, Jael and Dan Rattigan founded French Broad Chocolates in 2006, starting first as a farmers’ market stand and growing into a destination dessert restaurant, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, a boutique chocolate shop, and a chocolate factory and tasting room.  The duo’s chocolate journey began in the cacao-rich rainforest of Costa Rica where they lived for two years and sourced rustic, local chocolate for the desserts at their restaurant Bread and Chocolate, sparking a passion for cacao and all things chocolate. The Rattigans moved to Asheville, NC in 2006 to pursue their chocolate path with French Broad Chocolates where they import cacao and transform it into craft chocolate. All of their handcrafted confections, ice cream, and desserts feature chocolate they make from the bean, paired with ingredients sourced for their integrity. Jael and Dan see chocolate as a vehicle for discourse about global food policy, a powerful instrument for social change and a delicious way to express creativity in food and business.


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