Joe DiMaio

Chef Joe DiMaio brings more than a decade of experience to The Darling Oyster Bar. Inspired by Charleston’s bountiful waters and fields, he’s devised a seafood-centric menu that channels his inner fisherman. Chilled seafood decorates the rotating raw bar menu, and fried seafood platters, sandwiches and the like showcase DiMaio’s far-reaching culinary skills. With dishes like the “startlingly original” Creole Shrimp, the clam chowder over house fries (fans coined it “Lowcountry Poutine”), and even a “ridiculously good” burger, DiMaio sources local ingredients, infusing classic combinations with new flavors. DiMaio has already left his mark on the Lowcountry food scene, participating in the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival and numerous other cultural events throughout Charleston and the surrounding areas. Continuing to experiment and refine his innate talents has been instrumental to DiMaio’s success as a young chef.


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