Chris Lilly

Leslie Zinn

As Arden’s daughter, Leslie grew up drinking all sorts of nutritional concoctions which instilled a deep-seated passion for health and nutrition at a young age. Graduating with a BA from Ga. Tech, she was a founding partner of Arden’s Garden in 1995. Leslie became CEO in 1999, with a mission to make healthy and affordable options convenient to the public. Leslie is still Arden’s favorite “guinea pig” which leads to new product development and exciting new avenues for Arden’s Garden. With a recent expansion into vegan foods, Arden’s now supports more aspects of health in their community. Leslie continues to lead the company, distinguishing Arden’s Garden as the premier juice company in the Southeast. Arden’s Garden will soon open its 17th & 18th retail stores in the Atlanta area. Married with four kids, ages 6-17, Leslie is the poster child for being a “later-in-life” mother and cherishes the opportunity to share her experience, strength, and hope with her kids and others


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