Miles Macquarrie

Atlanta magazine says, “Miles Macquarrie could serve his cocktails in an old shoe and they’d still taste better than those of his competitors.” In his particular reverence to the classic cocktail structure he blends innovation, genuine hospitality, and gives his patrons the royal treatment. Now calling Macquarrie merely passionate doesn’t do justice to the dedication this bartender exhibits for technique and execution. He is like many of his professional peers and has been culling from traditions of the Southeast. Macquarrie mixes his own house-made bitters, tinctures, and works with seasonal produce. These homemade ingredients play a big part in what sets his drinks apart. He recently had the honor to produce his own Amaro through Bravo spirits, which is featured in the popular cocktail, Bitter Southerner No. 5. Miles is the bar director and managing partner of Kimball House in Decatur, GA, which has been a James Beard semi-finalist the past three years for Best Bar program.


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