Chris Lilly

Sam Suchoff

In 2010, Sam Suchoff opened The Pig, a small BBQ restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC, dedicated to using 2-3 whole hogs a week raised by his friends from The North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association. The members of this coop are all Animal Welfare Approved, raising their hogs outdoors without the use of antibiotics, hormones or any other ‘junk.’ They raise their own non-GMO corn and soy, which they mill themselves into supplemental feed. When the coop expressed a desire to grow, Suchoff began selling odds and ends that he didn’t need at The Pig to other friends and restaurants and sending whole hams up to Rufus Brown at Johnston County Hams to cure out and age for 18 months. These days Suchoff buys 25-30 pigs a week from the coop, collaborates with Johnston County Hams, San Giuseppe Salami Co, Acre Station Meat Farm, Weaver Street Market, and Cheney Brothers to help get real pork to as many people inside and outside of North Carolina as possible.


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