Chris Lilly

Shelley Sweet

Shelley is co-owner of West Egg Café, The General Muir, Fred’s Meat & Bread, Yalla, The Canteen, and Wood’s Chapel BBQ (late 2018) in Atlanta. Shelley was an opening team member at West Egg in 2004. After 2 years she took on leadership operational roles with Concentrics Restaurants and at Empire State South before rejoining West Egg in 2012 as Director of Operations, becoming a partner in 2014. In 2013, Shelley, along with partners Jennifer and Ben Johnson and Todd Ginsberg, opened The General Muir, followed by Fred’s Meat & Bread and Yalla at Krog Street Market in 2014, TGM Bread in 2016, and The Canteen in 2017. Up next for Shelley and her partners: Wood’s Chapel BBQ in the historic Summerhill community of downtown Atlanta, expected late this year. The Georgia Restaurant Association presented the four partners its 2014 award for Restaurateurs of the Year.


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