Tom Perry

Tom Perry founded White Stone Oyster Company in 2014 after years of researching cutting-edge aquaculture methods around the country. Perry started White Stone Oyster Company with the goal of establishing a new kind of oyster farm in Virginia – the first to secure floating cages squarely in the unpredictable and open surf of the Chesapeake Bay. Unlike traditional oyster cages, which typically rest on the bottom of rivers or bays, floating cages produce oysters with cleaner flavors and more polished, consistent shells. White Stone grows a wholly distinct Chesapeake oyster reflective of this unique growing environment. Perry made his first sale in 2015, driving five hours to hand-deliver 400 oysters. Today, White Stone sells 35,000 oysters a week with nine full-time employees. Armed with one of the most focused, hard-working farm crews in the industry, Perry spends a majority of his time focusing on every aspect of the farm. He currently resides in Richmond with his wife, Laura.


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