On Saturday, June 4 the ADAC doors opened for gourmet diners and luxury design lovers! Marking the fifth annual event hosted by Chef Kevin Rathbun, this year’s event features a special selection of designers, chefs and mixologists from across the southeast that have been noted as ‘ones to watch’ by ADAC and the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

ADAC was proud to be a partner and event host for this event once again. “It always gives us such joy to watch our event space be transformed into 11 incredibly detailed tasting vignettes designed by talent that has caught our eye over the past year! From modern to traditional and every style in between, the designs complement the wide variety of food styles that will be represented at the event,” said ADAC General Manager, Katie Miner.

In case you missed the event, the Rathbuns’ Watch List designers shared more details at how this all came together.
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LISA PALMER  |  SummerHouse
Ridgeland, Mississippi

“I knew from the beginning I HAD to have a large format photograph from Karen Sachar’s gallery of work. It was the impetus that started the design process for me” says Lisa Palmer. Complementing this soulful artwork and giving authenticity to the space are antiques and vintage pieces from Ainsworth-Noah and Jerry Pair. Modern pieces from R HUGHES help to anchor the space while refined woods, patinas, hides and pottery help the space to truly feel ‘southern.’
Featured Design Ingredient: 96” Dennis and Leen Dining Table  |   Jerry Pair, ADAC Suite 412

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LAUREN DELOACH  |  Lauren DeLoach Interiors
Atlanta, Georgia

Lauren wanted her space to feel like a comfortable living/dining room. With a large zodiac tapestry, from Travis & Company as the focal point, she was inspired by the palate of blues, browns, and yellows. This vignette exemplifies Lauren’s signature style of a collected and lived in space layered with many different patterns, textures, fabrics, wood tones, and metals. She loves making spaces truly “feel like home” for her client’s to entertain their friends and family.
Featured Design Ingredient: Club Chairs  |  Schumacher, ADAC Suite 303

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JESSICA BRADLEY  |  Jessica Bradley Interiors
Atlanta, Georgia

Jessica’s chef partner for the Watch List event is Chef Dean Nuff of Pinpoint in Wilmington, North Carolina. His restaurant has a great southern coastal flair that pairs nicely with the seasonal local ingredients used in his dishes. Inspired by this natural, organic and coastal feel Jessica chose soft earth tones, natural textures and an overall traditional southern feel for her space. This look aligns perfectly with the light and livable nature of many of Jessica Bradley Interiors’ designs.
Featured Design Ingredient: Rita Oval Dining Table  |  Tritter Feefer, ADAC Suite 311


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IESIA KING  |  IK Design Group
Atlanta, Georgia

If Iesia could design every project in black and white with splashes of color – she would! A lover of classic combinations, sleek furniture, clean lines and sophisticated colors, these design elements epitomize her design style. Inspired by a recent trip to New York Design Week, her Watch List vignette has nods to Manhattan’s design culture with influences from the cocktails that her mixologist partners will be preparing. By incorporating actual spice elements from Mexico and Thailand, Iesia was able to marry the specialty drinks with her design style by mixing the classic black and white color palette with plenty of design spice.
Featured Design Ingredient: Pony Black & White Rug, The Rug Company  |  Travis & Company, ADAC Suite 128

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Lathem Gordon & Cate Dunning  |  GORDON DUNNING
Decatur, Georgia

You’ve heard of breakfast in bed, but what about chocolate in bed? Lathem and Cate, the energetic design duo behind GORDON DUNNING, are all about indulgence for their Watch List vignette. When paired with chocolatier Jocelyn Gregg of JARDI Chocolates, GORDON DUNNING’s space is as sweet as it is sexy. Vignette sponsored by Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.
Featured Design Ingredient: Lindsay Cowles Fabric  |  BRADLEY, ADAC Suite 133

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Atlanta, Georgia (Douglas’ office is actually located at ADAC in our Design Studios!)

As soon as you enter the Watch List event you will be greeted by Douglas’ outdoor terrace-inspired space. Grab a cocktail from the Four Roses sponsored mixologists, and enjoy the dramatic art and strong art pieces featured in the roomy vignette. This popular location is ripe for entertaining and there is no better designer to host than ADAC’s-own Douglas Hilton!
Featured Design Ingredient: Fuse Lighting Chandelier  |  R HUGHES, ADAC Suite 320

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BETH KOOBY  |  Beth Kooby Designs

Atlanta, Georgia

Striking the balance between style and function and modern and timeless, Beth Kooby is focused on creating an environment perfect for kicking back, relaxing and savoring Chef Digby Stridiron’s coastal cuisine. Before embarking on her design, Beth spent a lot of time getting to know Chef Digby’s style and heritage. That dedication to detail is what makes her interiors truly a work of personalized art to her clients! Her Watch List space will be no different as every element has been carefully thought out to create a fresh, vibrant space that ‘oozes organic and really feels in touch with the earth.’
Featured Design Ingredient: Wood Panel Top and Iron Base Table by Chip and Company  |  Martin Nash, ADAC Suite 308

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ANNA BRAUND  |  Anna Braund Interiors
Atlanta, Georgia

Pulling inspiration from Chef Ty Thames menu, Emily Followill’s book Southern Rustic Cabin, and the culture and beauty of the south, Atlanta-native Anna Braund curated furniture and art from local vendors that also represent all things southern. Anna covered her walls in Thibaut’s Eastwood Paper, sourced from Duralee, which is sure to be a show stopping design feature for the event! The natural wood textured wallpaper creates an irresistible backdrop for all of the well thought out pieces layered in the space that represent the pride of southern style.
Featured Design Element: Pelican Painting  |  Up Country Home, ADAC Suite 323

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MINHNUYET HARDY  |  Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Playing off of her French and Vietnamese heritage plus the French influence of her Chef partner, Teryi Youngblood, Minhnuyet designed an outdoor dining space that speaks to her style and that of the restaurants. This combination of cultural influences creates a space that Minhnuyet considers to be both warm and modern. The natural textures and dark colors are go-to elements that epitomize her style and speak to the edgy combination of elegant simplicity and modern glamour that she is so well known for.
Featured Design Ingredient: Sternum Chaise by Hellman Chang  |  Jim Thompson, ADAC Suite 304

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CHAD JAMES  |  Chad James Group
Nashville, Tennessee

The main dish of the Watch List event will be designed by design star, Chad James. Paired with the gourmet tastings of Atlanta’s-own world-renowned Chef Kevin Rathbun, this front-and-center Watch List vignette emits delicious style in every detail.  Both Chad and Kevin share a defined dedication to detail which is sure to be evident in the design and taste of every element in their space.
Featured Design Ingredient: Shaw Floors Bella in Sienna  |  Strathmore, ADAC Suite 141


It is with great excitement that we thank this year’s group of interior designers for their dedication to the Watch List event.


To learn more about the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) please visit adacatlanta.com or stop by the center Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM, at 351 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Atlanta Georgia 30305.