Deborah VanTrece

Twenty-five years of globetrotting culinary adventures will give you a good idea of what people like to eat. Chef Deborah VanTrece draws on a literal world of experience to feed people comfort food that crosses cultural divides and speaks many languages. Upon retiring as a flight attendant, Chef VanTrece began her culinary career in 1994 as she graduated as valedictorian from the Art Institute. Working as Eexecutive Chef for a catering company by 1996, VanTrece enjoyed success during the Centennial Olympics in Atlanta. She was hired to cook for several foreign dignitaries and international executives, winning acclaim for her mastery of imported cooking techniques and delicious globally-informed cuisine. After the Olympics, Chef VanTrece opened Edible Art, a small restaurant and catering operation which helped to put East Atlanta on the map, laying the groundwork for the cultural epicenter that the neighborhood has become today. Chef VanTreece’s thoughtful take on soul food is a fresh reminder of the virtues of purity in cooking and eating. At Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, VanTrece revived the soul food principles she established at Edible Art. She continues to serve global soul food; the soul food of different cultures around the globe as she has experienced them.