Stacie Stewart

Stacie Stewart’s first job ever was in the restaurant industry and since then she’s built her career working everywhere from fast food, to hotel restaurants, to farm-to-table establishments. In 2006, Stewart was hired as a server at Proof in downtown Louisville where she began helping out behind the bar at the end of her shifts. After her stint at Proof, Stewart joined the team at Harvest, showcasing her creativity by developing eight cocktails for the opening in just seven hours earlier that same day. Following Harvest, Stewart worked at Decca, where she honed her wine knowledge. In 2012 she got a call from Chef Edward Lee, asking if she would like to be a part of the opening team at MilkWood. She accepted and has been the general manager and head of the bar program since the restaurant’s opening in February 2013. Stewart also developed the beverage program and the extensive whisky list at Whiskey Dry.