Clayton Szczech

Mexico City, Mexico
Experience TequilaExperience Mezcal

Clayton Szczech has been connecting serious Tequila lovers and novices alike to the authentic culture of Tequila since 2008. He has trained hundreds of consumers and industry on Tequila and mezcal via educational tours, trainings, and tastings. In 2017, he opened “La Cata” – the first and only independent Mexican spirits tastings room in Tequila Jalisco.

The basis of his business is the deep and lasting relationships with Mexican distillers and their communities. Clayton’s passion for Tequila and mezcal began as a larger passion for all things Mexico. Obsessed with the Spanish language as a high schooler in California’s Central Valley, he first crossed the border in 1995, and never stopped going back. Eventually, the lure was so strong that he moved to Mexico in 2006. Clayton fell in love with the village of Tequila, Jalisco, on his first visit in 2007, and currently resides in Mexico City.


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