Travis Milton

Hailing from rural Southwestern Virginia, Travis Milton spent his childhood learning the traditions of the true Appalachian kitchen under the tutelage of his great (and great-great) grandparents. A reverence for the traditions and heritage of southern kitchens was instilled in Milton from his earliest days. After working in kitchens across the country, such as Todd Gray’s Equinox in D.C. and Chris Cosentino’s Incanto in San Francisco, Milton embarked on his dream of a genuine Appalachian restaurant. What started as an idea for one restaurant evolved to three: Milton’s at the Western Front in Saint Paul, VA, as well as Shovel & Pick and Simply Grand at the Sessions Hotel in nearby Bristol. His first Appalachian-centric restaurant, Milton’s, opened in January 2018 as a meat-and-three. Shovel & Pick and Simply Grand, opening later this year or in early 2019, represent aspects of Milton’s background by showcasing the rustic, soulful comfort food of Appalachia while maintaining sustainability.


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