Travis Milton

Richmond, VA
Shovel & PickMilton's at the Western Front

Hailing from rural Southwestern Virginia, Travis Milton learned first-hand at a very young age what tradition and heritage meant in a Southern kitchen. With the culture of Appalachian food and a blue collar work ethic, Travis set out to cook once he moved to Richmond, VA in his early teens. He bypassed culinary school for the opportunity to stage and learn from some of his heroes such as Chris Cosentino and Todd Gray. Travis then got the opportunity to work with his friend and fellow Southwest Virginian, Jason Alley as Chef de Cuisine at Richmond mainstay restaurant, Comfort. Recently Travis left Comfort in order to pursue his dream of a sustainable restaurant based solely on Virginia Heritage ingredients and the foodways of Appalachia, calling it Shovel and Pick. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Virginia Food Heritage Project, and is heavily involved with the Central Appalachian Food Heritage Project, The Clinch River Valley Initiative, and the Appalachian Food Summit with fellow Appalachians Ronni Lundy, Lora Smith, Sheri Castle, Amelia Kirby, Elizabeth Sims, Anna Bogle, and Kendra Bailey Morris.



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