A few FAQs for this year’s Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

What is the dress code for Festival volunteers?

Volunteers will receive a complimentary festival t-shirt to wear during your shift. We ask that you wear black or khaki pants or shorts, along with your Volunteer credential. You will not be provided a shirt in advance and will need to change into your shirt onsite when you check-in at The Loews Hotel, C-level in the Pittman Room. Volunteers supporting our kitchen teams should wear appropriate culinary attire (chef’s jacket), bring their knife bag, and MUST have culinary experience or be a current/former culinary student. Special event volunteers should wear a white button down with black slacks and shoes.

Are there any incentives for volunteering?

Volunteers who complete one full shift will receive one complimentary Tasting Tent ticket to use on either Friday or Sunday, with an option to purchase an additional ticket for 50% off (a $50 value). Volunteers who complete two or more full shifts will receive two complimentary Tasting Tent tickets to use on either Friday or Sunday. Complimentary tickets are only valid for Friday or Sunday. If you choose to partake of the Friday Tasting Tents using the complimentary tickets prior to your volunteer shift, you will be asked for your credit/debit card info. If you do not show for your volunteer shifts and complete them in full, you will be charged the full amount for the ticket(s) ($100 each).

How many Tasting Tent tickets can I buy for 50% off?

To clarify our Tasting Tent ticket policy, in addition to the ticket(s) you will earn in exchange for one shift (one complimentary ticket earned) or two shifts (two complimentary tickets earned), you will have the option to purchase ONE additional ticket for 50% off (a $50 value). You may purchase additional tickets for full price ($100). Complimentary tickets are only valid for Friday or Sunday.

When does volunteer registration close?

We will close registration on Monday, May 21st, 2018.

What types of shifts are still available and do I need any special skills to volunteer?

We could always use more volunteers with a culinary background or training, including current students. Please visit our website www.atlfoodandwinefestival.com and click on the link for Volunteer.

I’m a first-time volunteer. Do you provide volunteer orientations?

Volunteer orientations will begin in mid-May and take place in person and virtually via phone and internet. Volunteers supporting our Classroom Experiences and exhibitors in the Tasting Tents may be asked to use a corkscrew and understand the basics of pouring. Click here for a cool video from us on how to properly open a bottle of wine in just 90 seconds!

What’s the volunteer orientation schedule this year? Is it mandatory?

The volunteer orientation schedule is currently being finalized with our friends at the Loews hotel and is tentatively slated for the week of May 22nd and 23rd. All volunteers are strongly encouraged to participate, but we do recognize we have many returning volunteers. Evening and virtual options will be available and details will be sent via email. Classroom Captains, Floor Captains, and Special Dinners and Event volunteers will be required to attend one orientation to review your roles and responsibilities and ensure that you are able to assist with bottle opening and pouring. We want everyone fully prepared for duty.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Parking downtown can be complicated and expensive. Where do volunteers park?

Unfortunately, we do not provide designated parking for volunteers and encourage you to take MARTA, Lyft, or Uber. Additionally, there will be very minimal storage for personal belongings during your shift. If you plan to enjoy the Tasting Tents after your volunteer shift, please be sure to have a designated driver scheduled. Please drink responsibly.

Can I eat and drink during my shift?

Yes and no. Snacks and water will be available in the Volunteer Check-In room at The Loews Hotel (Pittman Room on the C-level). Water will be available in all areas in which volunteers are stationed. However, volunteers are NOT allowed to consume alcohol during a volunteer shift. Volunteers are welcome to enjoy the Tasting Tents as our guests on either Friday or Sunday for three hours of unlimited enjoyment.

Can I change my volunteer shift if my availability changes?

Yes! You may continue to adjust your volunteer schedule until May 20th, when the schedule will lock. Please login to the registration site and add shifts to or delete shifts from your schedule.

Can you reserve my shift in the same place I have volunteered previously? What does the waitlist mean?

Unfortunately, we are unable to reserve shifts. You are welcome to continue checking our registration site for available opportunities as volunteers continue to adjust their schedules through the registration close. Volunteers on the waitlist will be asked to make a final selection for any open shift before the schedule lock. For some roles, extra volunteers have been requested to avoid shortages in the event of no-shows. In the event that all volunteers report, we may request that some volunteers form a “float team” to provide additional support where you are most needed. Sample roles may include assisting with glassware, removing used dishware, or beverage support. Please be flexible and help us to make the Festival a pleasant experience for all guests and volunteers. There’s plenty for everyone to do!

I want to plan which day I’ll visit the Tasting Tents. What’s the Tasting Tents schedule this year?

Please click here to note the later hours for the Tasting Tents this year.


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